Techset has been a global player exclusively focusing on manufacturing of X – Ray Protection Apparel and Equipments Since 1986. Conforming to the international quality standards & manufacturing process, and years of experience has made Techset a name you can trust.

Our specialty is comfortable, safe, light-weight, flexible and extremely crack-resistant Lead Vinyl Aprons providing the best available protection against X-ray radiations.

Our Strengths lie in our passion for research and the ability to bring technology to the people at affordable rates. No wonder, Techset is today a sought-after name among the prominent radiologist.

All our products are provided in 0.2 to 0.5 mm Pb. Other lead equivalence available on request, and can be customised as per your requirement within your time frame.

Kaushik Gupta

A new-gen tech maniac, highly inclined towards the development and growth sector. Always believed in the phrase, “forever learner”, and goes by it. Intrinsically, he is a mix of technical, commercial as well as creative aspects of this world.

Had a short stint with the corporate sector working as a Sales & Marketing Executive and taken several projects of web designing and development. Also worked as a Social Media Marketer, Content Writer as a Freelancer.

Marketer with a liking for aesthetics and with a keen eye for patterns and trends. Leadership is in his nature which makes him great at team management as he is interactive and loves communication, a people’s person. This mix of all the aspects makes him a perfectionist.